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MegaGame started with one of my many inspirational moments on my peer-funded journey to Japan for Sense of Wonder Night last year.This month for the WAG Challenge, I decided to create a game around it.

The idea is to take a very simple game, and then let feature creep run its course for as long as I am able, to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes.

I quickly learned I would not have time in a month to do every suggestion I got. So I filtered the suggestions severely, throwing out all but a small category.

I still did not have time to put in all the suggestions, due to unexpected trouble encountered developing features, and creative suggestions that still met the criteria even though they would take lots of time to develop.

I also learned that some suggestions try to help reduce development time, mostly by reusing existing features. These can be useful, but in general I feel that they harm or at the least blur the vision of the final game product. Now it makes more sense to me why these types of ideas are generally frowned upon by professional game designers.

About the game content:

You take the role of a villager in a fantasy world, who has had training in combat and who finds themselves under threat of attack from a dragon.

The initial prototype is first presented, and then the MegaGame version is presented, with each suggestion that inspired the new game features shown at the top of every passage.

I hope you enjoy this little experiment, and if you'd like to offer any feedback, feel free to reach out to me @vazor222 twitter or email.


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